In light of recent events, we have been reviewing the way in which we run the CL.

We very much enjoy running the CL but with a young family it is not practicable to run it, mow it, do the bins, look after young children, clean loos and have full time jobs!

As such, we have decided to close each year from the 1st October to the 1st April each year. This will allow us the winter months to do maintenance work, allow the grass to recover and mean we will be fresh each season.

We will reopen this year in line with government guidance but do not plan to reopen until at least 4.8.2020 when we hope that the travel restrictions will have lifted and everyone feels safe again.

In addition to this, we have decided that we will not be reopening the Loo. Covid 19 has shown how easily virus and infection can transfer and we have decided that from a practical perspective and a hygiene perspective, we will not have communal wash/loo facilities, especially as most vans now have excellent facilities on board.

Our field has lots of space and there is alway room to ensure that there is plenty of space between vans and so you can ensure that there is a safe space around you.

We look forward to seeing you all in August

Matt and Tory

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